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Heat-resistant Conveyor Belt
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1.Skeleton layer is made of pure cotton canvas, nylon canvas, polyester canvas, etc. The coverage is made of excellent heat-resistant rubber materials.

2.Structure: one type is the same as general-purpose conveyor belt, the other type has a heat insulation layer between cover and carcass.


T1  Type: Testing temperature≤100℃

T2 Type: Testing temperature≤125℃

T3 Type: Testing temperature≤150℃

T4 Type: Testing temperature≤175℃


1.Belt width range: 300~2200mm

2.No. of Ply: 3~12

3.Thickness of top rubber cover: 4.5~9.0mm

4.Thickness of bottom rubber cover: 1.5~3.0mm

5.Belt length/R: 100m

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