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Fire-resistant Conveyor Belt
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1.the rubber cover is based on a unique formula, and it can form an adiabatic carbide layer on the surface when conveying high-temperature materials.

2.The reinforced layer is made of HMLS polyester canvas(D.S.EP canvas) or EG canvas, and the one near the working surface is covered by a special hear-insulation layer.

3.Excellent coating formula guarantees a high adhesion between fabric layers at high-temperature conditions, and thus be able to avoid the occurrence of phenomena like bubble between the rubber layers during operation, therefore, a good stability and long service life can be expected.

4.The materials conveyed by the belts may have a temperature ranging from 200℃ to 600℃, and an instantaneous temperature up to 800℃, so the belt is able to operate for a long time in the temperature of 250℃~350℃.

5.The belt shows a property of resisting flames for a short period, without tendency of rubber decomposition at high temperature.


The belt has been widely used in such industries as metallurgy, casting, cement, chemicals, etc.


1.Belt width range: 300~2200mm

2.No. of Ply: 3~12

3.Thickness of top rubber cover: 4.5~9.0mm

4.Thickness of bottom rubber cover: 1.5~3.0mm

5.Belt length/R: 100m

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