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Steel cord conveyor belt
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1. Standard structure type

2. New structure type

3. Horizontally strengthened type


It is widely used for conveying materials in such factories as coal, mine, port, metallurgy, electric power and chemical engineering etc.


The belt core is composed of longitudinally and evenly arranged non-spinning galvanized wire ropes and high adhesive core rubber, with the upper side and lower side covered with rubber layer.


It has such advantages as high tensile strength, long service life, small elongation, good groove-formed performance, good flexibility, and it is suitable for conveying materials under the conditions of long distance, heavy load and high speed.

New structure type:


The rubber core has enough penetration capacity to penetrate the spaces between the wire strands. Its high adhesive strength between the rubber and wires and good anti-corrosive property can effectively alleviate the shear force and strand twisting. Its superior dynamic fatigue durability imparts the product longer service life.

Schematic diagram

Standard structure type:

New structure type:

Horizontally Strengthened Type:


The reinforced layers such as wire ropes,wire cord, fiber rope, fabrics are transversally laid on one side or two sides of the wire ropes.


Good impact resistance, high tensile strength.

Applicable standards:



   Standard type


   High-grade type


   Fire-resistant type

   HG2539  MT 147  MT 668

   Ordinary nonflammable type


   Heat-resistant type


   Wear-resistant type


   Cold-resistant type


   New structure type


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